The Connected Disconnect

We are ramping back up to return to school here in Atlanta and I’m spending some time in a state of reflection prior to returning to the insanely busy lifestyle of a High School Principal.  I had the pleasure of meeting many members of my PLN (Personal Learning Network) this summer for the first time face to face.  These relationships begin with a connection on Twitter with many of them eventually leading to real life relationships including having dinner when in the same city, phone calls, etc.

I’ve been a “connected” educator for more than 8 years first joining Twitter in January 2010.  The rush of connecting with educators around the world and what that has done for the schools I have served has been truly tremendous.  Through the power of reflection I realized that I’ve been leveraging people across the world, but not necessarily those in my own backyard.  I’m on my phone way to much in the evening instead of engaging in meaningful conversations with my wife and I haven’t spent enough time building relationships with those in my backyard.

I don’t mean to imply that I regret becoming a connected educator.  My life and career have changed for the better as a result of the relationships I’ve made.  I do mean that I need to put my phone down and do a better job of connecting with those around me in a personal way.  Everyone knows something that I don’t and I need to take more time to appreciate the wisdom that is around me every day.  I need to take more time to listen intently to those who are speaking with me and slow down my pace a little bit to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.

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