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I sit here tonight in Boston reflecting on the presentation that I did today with the #CultureEd crew, Steve Gruenert @stevegruenert, and Todd Whitaker @ToddWhitaker on school culture at the ASCD Empower18 Conference.  I am humbled that this twitter chat has been continuously running every Tuesday night for over a year and continues to resonate with educators.  Further, I never imagined that we would have the opportunity to share a presentation with Todd Whitaker and Steve Gruenert, who have written multiple books on school culture for ASCD.

#CultureEd began because of the passion I feel for building a school’s culture so that it thrives and isn’t centered on the personality or skillset of a specific leader.  Culture and climate are very different concepts, but are inextricably linked together and misunderstood.  This passion led to me taking a step of faith and contacting Mike Kelly @PrincipalMKelly and Dwight Carter @Dwight_Carter with the idea.  I’m so thankful that they believed in the idea and jumped on board.  Additionally, I’m so grateful that Travis Bloom @mr_tbloom stepped up when Dwight stepped aside to put more time into his book and other ventures.  These three men all came into my life because I chose in 2011 to be a connected educator and made myself and my ideas vulnerable.

I encourage you to pursue what you are passionate about and to step out in faith.  I’ve met so many folks through my PLN (Personal Learning Network) that continue to challenge me and push my thinking.  I’m thankful to Eric Sheninger @E_Sheninger, Jimmy Casas @casas_jimmy, Jeff Zoul @Jeff_Zoul, and Todd Nesloney @TechNinjaTodd to name a few of my influences.  Remember that your work matters and your voice needs to be heard.  I encourage you to step out and believe it.

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