Vision & Values 

Do you know the vision or mission statement of your school or business? What about core values?  You are not alone if you are tempted to look at your website for a reminder.  The reality is that these statements have a tendency to be an afterthought in many cases.  They should be he foundation on which the organization is built.  Now, go ahead and locate the statement on the website.  Is it long and generic?  

Leadership can’t exist in the absence of vision, but many leaders fail to develop authentic vision statements.  I believe that this negatively impacts culture.  People want clarity and these statements can provide a picture of where the organization is headed.  These statements can be boiled down into core values that are memorable.  These values should be developed collaboratively and should be rich in meaning.  Student recognition, staff recognition, morning announcements, positive behavior programs, etc. should all align with and reinforce these values.  I encourage you to reflect on your vision and values.  Do they provide the foundation for everything you do?  

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