Leading for Purpose

We all long for a sense of purpose.  We want to know that our lives matter and we instinctively follow those who tap into this desire.  We will be hard pressed to find a truly impactful leader who isn’t driven by a sense of purpose superseding any title, position, or company.  Following a leader is a choice and we aren’t enticed to do so by their title. 

Leadership is a subject that gets a lot of attention, but I would argue we are focusing on the tip of the iceberg and not the meat if the matter.  Studying leadership while not striving to first understand our purpose will never lead us where we desire.  We must first know what excites and drives us.  Leadership outside of these parameters will always be lackluster.  The degree to which we can align our leadership with our purpose will ultimately determine our success and the success if the organizations we lead.  I encourage you to Reflect on the following questions:

  • What do I see that I wish would change?
  • What talents/abilities do I possess?
  • How can I utilize my talents/abilities to make a difference?
  • Does the idea of making a difference in this area make me feel excited?

This is where leadership begins.  You do not need a position to lead, but you absolutely must have a sense of purpose.  In fact, leadership is the visible pinnacle of aligning action with purpose.  Purpose, not leadership, is what draws others in.  Pursuing purpose and not a position will ultimately make our lives matter.

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